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Pacific Parrotlet: Misc. Questions



We clip the wings before pick-up and/or shipment?

We do offer this service to our customers free of charge. We require our customers to request this service before pick-up and/or shipping. We encourge owner of Hand-Fed Baby Pacific Parrotlets to have the wings clipped at all times.


Available Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutations

Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutations include: Green, Blue, American Yellow, American White, Dilute Blue, Dominant Blue Pied, Green Fallow, Turquoise, Pastel, Blue Fallow, White Fallow, Cobalt, White Turquoise, Albino, Lutino, Dominant Green Pied, including single, double, and triple splits.


Does Parrotletbirds band every Parrotlet?

Yes, All Parrotlets are banded the moment they are pulled from the nest box. Each Parrotlet is documented accurately to ensure proper history is given to our customers.


Does Parrotletbirds guarantee "splits"?

Yes! We guarantee all Parrotlets to be the color mutation, sex, & split stated on customers invoice. We dedicate an enormous amount of time in making sure all records are 110% accurate. We absolutely stand behind all stated “splits."


What documents come with my purchase?

Included with the purchase of any Pacific Parrotlet: bill of sale, hatch certificate, 10-Day Health Guarantee Certificate, sex, color mutation & split guarantees, Parrotlet care sheet,  guides on clipping wings, feeding tips, how to teach a Parrotlet to speak.


Does Parrotletbirds offer discounts?

Yes! Discounts are offered for customers who purchase more than (1) Pacific Parrotlet. Prices will not be discussed via email. To receive discount pricing on our quality Pacific Parrotlets Request a Call Back